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What is Eye Tracking ?

Eye tracking is the process of locating the point of a person's gaze, or following and recording the movement of that point of gaze.

Eye Trackers use sensors to locate the eyes and   estimate where someone is looking (point of gaze).

Eye Trackers make it easy to study natural behavior. 

Some Eye Trackers allow for a person to interact   with a computer simply by only the using the eyes.






Tobii Technology is the World's Leading Eye Tracking Supplier of Eye Tracking and Eye Control devices.

Consort World is proud to be Tobii's Official Reseller   for the entire Middle East North Africa Region.

We can provide you with all the different Eye Tracking tools and solutions from Tobii for your research. 

How does a Tobii Eye Tracker work ?

Where is Eye Tracking being used for Research ? 

Tobii offers a range of Eye Tracking tools and solutions that meet the needs of different research fields.

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