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Why choose Consort World for your IT Services ?

Consort World has been providing IT support and IT solutions to a select number of local and international corporations throughout the region since the company was started in 2006.

Our office is based in JLT, Dubai, UAE and our highly experienced IT Professionals and Team are ready and available to offer you advice and help you with your various IT needs.

Our philosophy is simple - Your "best interest" is always at the core of our offerings and services.

We always strive to offer and suggest what is best for you without limiting it to specific platforms or products.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Support Solutions

"Your own IT Department"

Remote Support Solutions

IT Outsourcing

IT / Network Solutions

Unified Communications Solutions

IT Setup / Infrastructure

VPN Connectivity Solutions

Security Solutions

 IT Auditing Solutions

Anti-Virus / Anti-SpamSolutions

Network Security Solutions