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Eye Tracking Services

Eye Tracking LAB

We have a cuttingedge Eye Tracking LAB here at Consort World's office in JLT, Dubai, UAE.

The Eye Tracking LAB is fully equipped with the latest hardware and software from Tobii Technology and allows you to efficiently conduct various types of Eye Tracking studies.

It is also a fully functional User Experience Lab with a one-way window-mirrored Control & Observation room allowing you to run and observe almost any type of User Experience testing including realistic Television studies etc.

You can hire the Eye Tracking LAB on a daily basis and choose to conduct your own projects and studies.

Or you can choose to commission us to conduct your Eye Tracking projects for you.

Using our Eye Tracking LAB is an affordable alternative to run Eye Tracking without making large investments in technology.

Eye Tracking Rentals

We can accommodate differenttypes of Eye Trackers from Tobii for rental on either short- orlong-term basis.

We will behappy to advise and consult you on the best choice of Eye Tracker for a rental based on your intended research project.

Contact us now for further details on the rental arrangements available and for rental prices etc.

Training and Consultations

We offer Training and Consultations on all Eye Tracking Products from Tobii.

Contact us now for further details on Training and Consultations.

Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

In collaboration with Tobii and other Partners we also offer Lectures, Seminars and Work-shops on Eye Tracking within specific fields of research e.g. UX and Usability, Market Research and other related studies.

Contact us now for further details on Lectures, Seminars and Workshops.