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Consort World specializes in EyeTracking and Eye Tracking Tools from Tobii Technology the World's Leading Eye Tracking Manufacturer with the very latest and easiest to use Eye Trackers on the market today.

There are mainly three different types of Tobii Eye Trackers. The ideal choice of your Eye Tracker depend on your intended use or research. Below is a brief outline on when / where the different types are most suitable:

Stand-alone Eye Trackers

Stand-alone Eye Trackers offer a great variety of       set-ups and are useful for research on how people  view real physical objects or projections of simulated real life size objects etc. They are also suitable for studies of interactive television, gaming, virtual reality environments and simulators as well as for mobiles, tablets and other physical devices or consumer products. 

These Stand-alone Eye Trackers from Tobii come in different frame rate speeds from 30Hz to 300 Hz depending on model. 

Monitor based Eye Trackers

Monitor based Eye Trackers are ideal for all forms of research using screen based stimuli, e.g. images, videos, web and/or software interfaces etc. They are also perfect for eye tracking of any detailed stimuli. 

The Monitor based Eye Trackers from Tobii are also available in frame rate speeds from 30 Hz up to 300 Hz depending on model. 

Head mounted Eye Trackers

Head mounted Eye Trackers allow full mobility while the eye gaze is being recorded and subsequently offers a unique way of catching people’s gaze movements in real life environments and scenarios.

The Head mounted Eye Tracker from Tobii - Tobii Glasses 2 - has a frame rate of 30 Hz.





Eye Tracking Systems

Tobii eye tracking systems enable you to efficiently obtain valid and reliable eye tracking research data, by being easy to use, truly unobtrusive, and highly accurate and precise. 


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Eye Trackers we have to offer from Tobii


 Eye Tracking Software

The Tobii Studio Eye Tracking software provides a comprehensive platform for recording, observation, analysis and visualization in heat maps & gaze plots.

E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii enables you to run the Eye Tracker together with E-Prime the world's leading software for designing psychology experiments. 

Among other things, E-Prime features programmable experiments, precise stimulus timing and integration with various data sources such as response boxes and EEG devices. 

Tobii Analytics SDK is a toolbox for the development of Eye Tracking-enabled software. 


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Eye Tracking software we have to offer from Tobii


Eye Tracking Accessories 

and other Research Products

There is a wide range of accessories available that can optimize the set-up and use of your preferred Tobii Eye Tracker for your intended research. 

Along with the Accessories from Tobii we also provide other types of research equipment tools like: E-Prime form Psychology Software Tools,

EPOC from Emotiv and CAPTIV from TEA and some other EEG related hardware and software solutions.


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Eye Tracking Accessories we have to offer from Tobii